PMTC heading westward with conference

MILTON, Ont. – The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada is taking its traveling half-day conferences westward, with an event scheduled for Sept. 12 in Calgary.

Running from 8 am to 12:30 pm, the seminar will have presenters from the Alberta Ministry of Labour, Alberta Transportation Solutions, Alberta Department of Transportation as well as the Department of Alberta Justice and the Solicitor General. There will also be an update on the national ELD Timelines, a presentation from Responsible Distribution Canada – a trade association supporting the Canadian chemical industry’s distribution sector — and a panel of Alberta private fleets discussing their biggest challenges in the workplace.

Tracey Johnson of the Workforce Strategies Division at Alberta’s Ministry of Labour will speak about identifying workplace issues and challenges, and the Canada Alberta Job Grant. And Trudy Nastiuk of the Alberta Department of Transportation will discuss a new carrier intervention model introduced in March. Meanwhile, Jacquie Daumont, acting chief of commercial vehicle enforcement with the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, will discuss how carriers can prepare for and improve enforcement results.

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